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package org.mentacontainer;

 * Some components can also implement this interface to perform some cleanup
 * when the instance is cleared. For example, a connection pool will want
 * to know when the connection instance is cleared so it can return it to
 * the pool.
 * It makes more sense to use this interface for components that will be placed
 * in the THREAD scope, but you can also use it with components in the SINGLETON
 * scope.
 * This is particular useful for the THREAD scope for dealing with thread pools, so
 * when the thread is returned to the thread pool you will want to clear the THREAD
 * scope. That's pretty much how web containers work: one thread per request coming from
 * a thread pool.
 * @author
 * @param <E>

public interface Clearable<E> {
        public void onCleared(E clearedObject);