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207 2233d 20h erico /trunk/src/ Fix -> improvements in query builder  
205 2238d 01h erico /trunk/src/ Fix -> apply regex cannot remove WHERE and HAVING every time  
204 2238d 19h erico /trunk/src/ Fix query builder parenthesis for some specific queries  
203 2248d 21h erico /trunk/src/main/java/org/mentabean/jdbc/ Returning null instead of throwing BeanException when no results in sentence  
182 2869d 22h erico /trunk/src/ Some improvements on QueryBuilder including findAlias(), ParamHandler and SELECT DISTINCT  
181 2944d 14h erico /trunk/src/ SQLBuilder resolving aliases names unsing proxy instances instead of classes  
169 3059d 15h erico /trunk/src/ Improvements in TableAlias, configuration for mapping abstract objects, arithmetic operations in QueryBuilder  
168 3109d 10h erico /trunk/src/ selectFrom(alias) method in QueryBuilder  
163 3112d 02h erico /trunk/src/ openPar and closePar to handle with parenthesis. PostgreSQLBeanSession using bigint to create tables when type is Long  
161 3122d 19h erico /trunk/src/main/java/org/mentabean/ javadoc warnings  
160 3122d 22h erico /trunk/src/main/java/org/mentabean/jdbc/ cast to T in s.getValue(rs)  
159 3123d 00h erico /trunk/src/ fixed - mvn problems on build  
158 3123d 01h erico /trunk/src/ executeSentence() w/ some tests..  
157 3130d 21h erico /trunk/src/ tests...  
156 3152d 02h erico /trunk/src/ improvements...  
155 3161d 00h erico /trunk/src/ improvements, fixes... (with docs)  
154 3164d 21h erico /trunk/src/ executeQuery with sentences (inProperty method to specify the attribute), improvements...  
153 3168d 02h erico /trunk/src/ QueryBuilder is more simple now! The executeQuery method in QueryBuilder populates all 'select' properties and returns the List object directly. QueryBuilderTest shows this functionality.  
152 3171d 01h erico /trunk/src/ saveAll in BeanSession, groupBy ok, some aggregate functions and improvements in QueryBuilder  
151 3179d 02h erico /trunk/src/ Param interface to handle with parameter types in functions/conditions, some pre-implemented conditions, clauseIf and Query class in QueryBuilder  

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