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204 1835d 22h erico /trunk/src/ Fix query builder parenthesis for some specific queries  
198 2005d 21h erico /trunk/src/ New UpdateDiffTest class and bug fixes in compareDifferences method  
195 2007d 01h erico /trunk/src/ implemented updateDiff and compareDifferences  
194 2010d 20h erico /trunk/src/ Between with 'not' option  
192 2033d 00h erico /trunk/ implemented deleteAll that removes all beans based on the properties present in the prototype passed
dependencies updates (h2, mysql-connector)
187 2068d 01h erico /trunk/src/ Fix enum test problem: isAssignableFrom(...) -> superclass on the left  
186 2069d 21h erico /trunk/ Fix javassist exception on mapping overwritten enums  
185 2431d 21h erico /trunk/src/ ERRATUM -> findMethodToGet instead of forcing the creation of instances, getValueFromBean returns null if bean is already null  
184 2455d 05h erico /trunk/src/ FIX: when forcing null, update always sets null in database level  
183 2462d 02h erico /trunk/src/ FIX - findMethodToGet in AnsiSQLBeanSession forcing the creation of instances.  
182 2467d 01h erico /trunk/src/ Some improvements on QueryBuilder including findAlias(), ParamHandler and SELECT DISTINCT  
181 2541d 17h erico /trunk/src/ SQLBuilder resolving aliases names unsing proxy instances instead of classes  
178 2652d 13h soliveira /trunk/src/test/java/org/mentabean/jdbc/ - change to user and getUser().getId()  
171 2653d 01h soliveira /trunk/src/ - a less verbose and more clear why to get the column name when building a SQL string  
169 2656d 18h erico /trunk/src/ Improvements in TableAlias, configuration for mapping abstract objects, arithmetic operations in QueryBuilder  
168 2706d 13h erico /trunk/src/ selectFrom(alias) method in QueryBuilder  
167 2708d 01h soliveira /trunk/src/ - table alias class to help creating SQL based on strings  
163 2709d 05h erico /trunk/src/ openPar and closePar to handle with parenthesis. PostgreSQLBeanSession using bigint to create tables when type is Long  
159 2720d 03h erico /trunk/src/ fixed - mvn problems on build  
158 2720d 04h erico /trunk/src/ executeSentence() w/ some tests..  

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