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148 2814d 18h soliveira /trunk/src/ - from ? extends Object to ?  
146 2814d 18h soliveira /trunk/src/ - major revert  
140 2814d 23h soliveira /trunk/src/main/java/org/mentacontainer/ - better comments  
109 3268d 16h soliveira /trunk/src/main/java/org/mentacontainer/ - javadocs  
95 3287d 15h soliveira /trunk/src/ - change component to factory  
91 3287d 16h soliveira /trunk/src/ - support many new features  
88 3288d 15h soliveira /trunk/src/ - Major refactory !!!  
51 3659d 14h soliveira /trunk/src/ - we should not care whether a component is singleton... only container should care about it  
45 3660d 01h soliveira /trunk/src/main/java/org/mentacontainer/ - ConfigurableComponent and Component  
41 3660d 11h soliveira /trunk/src/ - removing casting from get (using the trick <T> T get() )  
40 3660d 11h soliveira /trunk/src/ - remove checked exceptions  
39 3660d 11h soliveira /trunk/src/ - component should NOT have name... this belongs to container...  
20 3661d 13h soliveira /trunk/ - new major version with major changes in the API