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51 2918d 01h soliveira /MentaRefAppWithService/tags/mentaservice-1.0.1/ [maven-release-plugin] copy for tag mentaservice-1.0.1  
50 2918d 01h soliveira /MentaRefAppWithService/trunk/ [maven-release-plugin] prepare release mentaservice-1.0.1  
49 2918d 01h soliveira /MentaRefAppWithService/trunk/ - fix svn  
48 2918d 01h soliveira /MentaRefAppWithService/trunk/ [maven-release-plugin] prepare release mentaservice-1.0.1  
47 2918d 01h soliveira /MentaRefAppWithService/trunk/ new mentawai version  
38 3010d 20h soliveira /MentaRefAppWithService/trunk/ - melhorias no app manager _  
29 3013d 19h soliveira /MentaRefAppWithService/trunk/ - svn ignore  
28 3013d 19h soliveira /MentaRefAppWithService/trunk/src/main/java/org/menta/ - better name  
27 3013d 19h soliveira /MentaRefAppWithService/trunk/src/test/java/org/menta/action/ - fix unit test _  
26 3013d 19h soliveira /MentaRefAppWithService/trunk/src/main/ - place the error beside the right field  
25 3013d 19h soliveira /MentaRefAppWithService/trunk/src/ Make loginService take username and password instead of user (more clear?)  
24 3013d 20h soliveira /MentaRefAppWithService/trunk/ - reverting due to test _  
23 3013d 20h soliveira /MentaRefAppWithService/trunk/ - svn ignore  
22 3013d 20h robertwgil /MentaRefAppWithService/trunk/ Test  
21 3013d 20h soliveira /MentaRefAppWithService/trunk/ teste _  
20 3013d 20h soliveira /MentaRefAppWithService/trunk/ teste _  
19 3013d 20h soliveira /MentaRefAppWithService/trunk/src/main/java/org/menta/service/impl/ - include @Override  
18 3013d 20h robertwgil /MentaRefAppWithService/trunk/src/test/java/org/menta/action/ Tests fix.  
17 3014d 20h soliveira /MentaRefAppWithService/trunk/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/conf/default/ fix path  
16 3014d 20h soliveira /MentaRefAppWithService/ moving to MentaTutorials